How does it work?
How does a Design Process look like?

First step is, reaching out to me. You can also book a free get-to-know-eachtoher-call here.
In this first call we will discuss your project, ideas, vision. If you are unclear what exactly it is you need, do not worry I will help you find this out. Just set a date!

1 Contact

2 Offer

After our initial call I will define your custom design process (which media/direction you will need). I will then send you a detailed listing on how this will look like and if you feel that it works with your vision - we can then move to the next step. You will be receiving an Offer from my side once it signed I can then start with your custom design.

3 Concept

Once you have sent me the information, data, images and corporate design specifications, which are interesting for the specific project, I will start with the concept and the design process.

4 Design realisation

In this phase I will be in communication with you in order to present and receive feedback for any changes you would like to be made. Each project has it's own calculated amounts of proof readings which is discussed and approved in the offer phase. The project is complete, once all your feedback is implemented, in mind with the amount of proof readings your project has. Depending on which media, for example a Business card, I will transfer you the print file and explain which printing service is suitable for you. If it's a Website, we will test and than launch it!

5 Project finished

Step-by-step design process

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