Graphic Design
Website Design
in cooperation with Annd

Mari.ama is a musician which songs will have you go to depths of your soul. Her voice is is soft but strong. Her work is just that, as well. A mix of balance. Light and dark. Painful but soothing at the same time. Duality is what makes her work inspiring.

What WE've created:

  • Coporate Identity, Logo

  • EP Cover

  • Social media/release kit


Mari.ama released 3 EP's and needed artwork. The photography was not inhouse. She also was in need of a new logo and wanted something which reflected this new stage of her career. It was important that the CI worked on different mediums; EP cover, poster, social media, banners and shows.

Our Design vision

We wanted to create a CI which was modern but yet have a certain fragility to it but for it to still being strong. We managed to establish this balance just like her songs. By building a Typography where we brought the letters "M" "A" "R" together and closing it beautifully with the last two letters. Like a song.

Outcome & Benefit

Mari.ama was very happy and we exceeded her expectations! We were able to incorporate the CI in all requested mediums and it worked just as we intended it to.