This project was a project for ANND studio, where we developed the CI as well as their Website. Boddenberg is a creative house, where not only curated art exhibitions take place, but also culinary art presentations with an in-house bakery. Marie and Johannes are the founders of Boddenberg. Fun Fact: the house used to be a flower shop, which was a family business and it has now metamorphed into a creative art space. This is why it was so important for the two to keep that remembrance of the neon sign which we happily incorporated into their Corporate Identity. This was such a wholesome, fun project!

What WE've created:

  • Website

  • Coporate Identity


"One house and plenty of activities are going on. We want to show everything on one Website and want to make the house as a center piece of it!"

Extra Spice

The neon sign which blinks digitally! We loved the idea of giving the user on a website a piece of a retro experience, how it used to be when the flower shop was still open. It's a fun eye-catcher and we can't stop looking at it!

Design Vision

Bringing nostalgia of an old flower shop into a transition of two artisans reviving an art space.

We immediately fell in love with the retro neon sign and it was clear which direction we were going to go.

Design Vision

We instantly had the idea of using the house as a map to show who or what is hiding on which floor. In this way, we created a direct link to the heart (the house). Starting from the house, as a map, different doors / pages open up to the individual areas. Each has its own stage on the website and is always connected at the same time. It was important for our clients to present upcoming events, and we gave this area an extra touch to make the user curious for the upcoming experience.

Outcome & Benefit

We crafted a bespoke design solution for our client that brings together their diverse niches into a single, cohesive website. Our approach centered on creating a modern, artistic look that resonates with their brand identity. We understood the importance of flexibility in today's digital landscape, so we built the site with a dynamic structure that easily accommodates new content, especially for events and time-sensitive information.

The centerpiece of our design is an interactive house model integrated with a map, serving as both a visual anchor and an intuitive navigation tool. This unique feature not only showcases our client's various offerings but also provides an engaging user experience.

One of our primary goals was to ensure the website could adapt to our client's evolving needs. To that end, we designed the platform to seamlessly incorporate every briefing request, allowing for easy updates and expansions. The result is a versatile, visually striking website that unifies our client's online presence while providing room for future growth and innovation.

We're thrilled to report that our client was extremely satisfied with the final product. They praised the site's intuitive design, the seamless integration of their diverse offerings, and the potential for future expansion. The positive feedback validates our approach and reinforces the success of our design in meeting and exceeding the client's expectations.