As a design collective which was established during the first lockdown in 2020 with my friend and colleague Denise Kynd. We wanted something fun and created an online portfolio of our projects during that time. Now that the pandemic is over and we are back to normality, we have opted to showcasing our projects only on Instagram. But here are some snippets from that time.

black blue and yellow textile

Our Design vision

A website which is fun and would showcase projects which we worked on together. We created a pool as metaphor: pool of expertise. Every expertise looked like an Icecream but like a pantone color swab too.

Outcome & Benefit

Our ethos was and still is fun fun fun. We got to create our own portfolio and develop fun ways for the user experience. It was visually innovative, dynamic and fresh. Overall a great project we did together while the world was in complete shut down. We still got to work an many fun projects - for musicians, entrepreneurs, brands. We still will take on projects together when it is requested. ANND IS ALIVE.