Graphic Design
Website Design

What I've created:

  • Coporate Identity, Logo

  • Website

  • Business Cards


"Create a Logo which is at the same time professional, modern and fits into the tech world I'm working in. My expertise range is wide and my visual representation should radiate this."

My design vision

Creating the right mix of sophistication and letting it breath modernity as well as keeping the affinity to tech - I was able to create with every exchange exactly that and define the right direction to move forward in the design process. The most important part as a designer, is not that the client is just happy with the results but instead passionate and excited - because in the end, a CI is something that will last and grow with you, so it needs to be the perfect match!

Logo result Everyone knows the toggle switch. It's the switch to turn something on or off on your phone. I used this UI element and transformed it until it became a lowercase "a" and a capital "D". This was a great way to incorporate my clients initials which are the CI. Have a look at the Logo animation, to see the transformation.

Website result
A portfolio with a great representation of my clients expertise and knowledge. I showcased several domains of projects of his in which we created a platform of the projects, for potential clients to understand how his workflow is and what the results are. Visually the website is everything the client requested in the briefing. It is sophisticated, modern and yet the affinity of the tech industry which he works in is present.

I had an exceptional experience with Anna while working on my website and logo. Her approach was clear, concise, and professional. We iterated towards my vision, creating a stunning design that I am delighted with. The result is visually appealing and aligns with my brand identity. Highly recommended for top-notch UI design work.

Anthony Delaverdac