Open minded, fun to work with, good listener, sensitive for your brand identity...even if you don't know what this means or how it could look like. I always listen and sense who my clients are and what they want to communicate. It's not about my taste, it's more about yours and I'm translating it through my pen...or in this case mouse and trackpad. Let me show you what I mean by that and have a look through my projects to see my design style.

About me

Designer by heart

About me

Meet me, a german-french designer driven by an insatiable passion for design, art, photography, and the nature. Fascinated by color, structures, and new ideas, I thrive on exploring territories and collaborating with diverse companies. With over 14 years of design experience, I bring a structured and organized approach to every project, adept at finding the optimal solutions that exceed my clients' expectations. Always evolving, I embrace the journey of continual growth and innovation.


years of experience




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more CV stuff: Design Diploma, Photography Diploma, Worked in renomated design agencies before lancing my own businesses: Anna Jaissle Designstudio, Annd with my lovely co-foundress Denise Kynd and publishing my art with Anna Jaissle art. Want to know more?

My Values


Collaborative decision-making ensures alignment and success.

Innovation drives my passion for exploring new ideas.


I thrive on unconventional thinking and problem-solving.