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About me

As a freelancer, I can offer design support across multiple domains. Whether you require captivating graphic design, User Interface Design for Websites, Softwares or Photography. I bring a fresh perspective to every project I undertake.

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My Story

Meet me, a german-french designer driven by an insatiable passion for design, art, photography, and the nature. Fascinated by color, structures, and the stories of people and architecture, I thrive on exploring new territories and collaborating with diverse companies. With 14 years of design experience, I bring a structured and organized approach to every project, adept at finding the optimal solutions that exceed my clients' expectations. Always evolving, I embrace the journey of continual growth and innovation.

My Values

Collaboration: Collaborative decision-making ensures alignment and success.

Creative: Innovation drives my passion for exploring new ideas.

Innovation: I thrive on unconventional thinking and problem-solving.

Fun: The joy of every task promotes creativity and energy.

My Network

In my network, I have experts available to draw upon for larger projects or when additional expertise is needed. From development to illustration, project management, and art, I have access to a wide range of expertise. Together, we can collaborate to tackle larger projects and leverage the best of our diverse skills.


Web Design


Specializing in portraits, product photography, set design, and portfolio shooting, I capture the essence of every moment with creativity. Let me frame your world through my lens.

Print Design

Unlock the power of visual storytelling with my print design expertise. From eye-catching flyers and captivating book covers to striking posters and album artwork, we bring your ideas to life with finesse. Let me elevate your brand with professionally crafted business cards that leave a lasting impression.

Art Direction

Step into the realm of artistic direction where creativity knows no bounds. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, I curate visually stunning experiences that captivate and inspire. Let me guide your project, ensuring every aspect reflects your unique vision and resonates with your audience.


At the heart of my philosophy lies the belief that every brand is as unique as its story. I specialize in crafting bespoke branding and corporate identity solutions tailored to each client's distinct narrative and aspirations. From concept to execution, I collaborate closely with you to ensure that your brand essence is authentically expressed, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.


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